Sephora Sephora

Offering a unique shopping experience at the forefront of the latest trends, Sephora has made a great impact with its revolutionary concept of cosmetic and fragrance retail throughout the world.

Creation date: 1969
Chairman and CEO: Christopher de Lapuente
Head office: 65, av. Edouard Vaillant, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt - France


Founded in 1969, the House has always focused on making shopping a unique experience. By offering beauty fans around the world the chance to touch and test the products, Sephora has transformed the customer experience into an exclusive opportunity to indulge, fostering strong relationships with the brand and its products. The House ethos remains unchanged: to present a leading beauty selection and always be on the lookout for what’s new. The brand also relies on the quality of its advice teams. These are professionals in perfumery and cosmetics who, through their energy and enthusiasm, ensure exceptional service, where customer satisfaction is priority number one. With its designer stores, innovative “Made In Sephora” products and unique tone, the enterprising brand is never short of surprising new ideas. Its unexpected concepts and non-conformist attitude are also evident both in its boutiques around the world and on its website, which together make Sephora an unparalleled international beauty leader.

Fingertip eyeliner © Arnaud Pyvka


With 1,500 m² entirely devoted to diversity of choices, advice and exclusivity, the Sephora store on the Champs-Elysées in Paris has been a revered temple of beauty since it opened in 1995. With 300 brands and over 15,000 products, it provides a vast selection of on-trend products and innovative concepts, such as "beauty bars" to its customers.

Sephora Flagship on the Champs-Elysées © Yvan Matrat


Christopher de Lapuente, Chairmain and CEO of Sephora © Yvan Matrat

” Innovation is certainly key for Sephora. The constant challenge is to find new, better and more captivating products for our customers. The enthusiasm of our teams and their passion for beauty are contagious, as is their desire to fully meet the needs of their customers. Sephora’s number one asset is this ability to react.”


The acronym ATAWAD represents Sephora’s sincere intention of granting its customers’ every wish:  limitless shopping “Any Time, Any Where on Any Device”. Sephora is now developing its e-commerce strategy in various parts of the world, with the aim of offering ever more groundbreaking and personalized tools.  Among them are mobile applications such as Color Profile or My Sephora. The former allows users to obtain their exact skin tone to help them choose their ideal foundation; the latter, available in stores and online, offers personalized advice to loyal customers, which creates an optimal multichannel shopping experience. At Sephora, easy passage through the points of sale is a constant quest common to every single store: whether in New York’s Meatpacking district, on the Champs-Elysées in Paris or on Nanjing Road in Shanghai, prominence is given to interactive information points, giant screens and mobile payment, all of which generate improved relationships with customers.

Christian Louboutin Brand Boutique on © Sephora


The Sephora brand is available in 31 countries in 2,000 points of sale. Between 2011 and 2013, Sephora arrived in seven new countries and opened almost 640 stores. In order to support this expansion, the key to its success has been the special attention the House gives to the quality of its recruitment and the development of its teams. In terms of Human Resources and Social Responsibility, Sephora’s choices are in line with its performance and its image: motivating talent and giving employees the opportunities to grow and enjoy learning are among its priorities. From Paris to Shanghai, from Dubai to San Francisco, the “Sephorization” of the world is possible through the development of the “employability”, savoir-faire and savoir-être of its employees.

Key figures

  • 30,000 Employees worldwide
  • 2,000 stores worldwide at end 2014
  • 15,000 different products