Bodega Numanthia

Bodega Numanthia

Bodega Numanthia

Firmly rooted into Spanish history and terroir, Bodega Numanthia is the birthplace of powerful and intense wines, iconic incarnations of the prestigious Designation of Origin Toro.

Creation date: 1998
Estate Director: Lucas Löwi
Head office: C/ Real, s/n
49882 Valdefinjas, Zamora - Spain


The name of the estate dates back to Roman times. In 134 B.C., the residents of the ancient city of Numancia resisted the Roman invaders, choosing to die over surrender. This noble heritage echoes the Numanthia terroir: its hardy and resistant vines have been able to endure the region’s extreme climate conditions – harsh winters and scorching summers – as well as the phylloxera attack which destroyed most of Europe’s vineyards in the 19th century. The result of this epic endurance was that a number of small plots of vineyards survived and were carefully managed by local families, who preserved them over the years, fully aware of the extraordinary value of their land. Situated in the northwest Spain, on clay plateaus and slopes, these old vineyards produce intense and powerful vintages year after year. The wines are produced solely from the Spanish Tinta de Toro variety, and are left to ripen fully, giving particularly concentrated and aroma-rich grapes. They are the very best expression of the Spanish Designation of Origin Toro.

Vineyard - Numanthia © Gilles de Beauchêne


Termanthia is the ultimate expression of the best vineyard in the Toro Designation: Teso de los Carriles. From hand de-stemming to foot-crushing, creating wine with these unique grapes involves hand-crafting excellence and meticulous know-how. The sublime fruit concentration unveils a magnificent aromatic complexity and reveals incredible intensity and elegance.

Bottle Numanthia 2010 © Gilles de Beauchêne


Lucas Löwi, Estate Director © Federico Garcia

“Our vineyards have resisted the extreme climate conditions in Toro as well as the phylloxera attack for years. These vineyards symbolize the unique Bodega Numanthia heritage, very old vines dating back over a hundred years. We hope to preserve these ancient vines and their expression, which combines both the structural power and elegance of terroir that can be found in our wines.”


Bodega Numanthia estate covers 83 hectares.  On these sunny parcels, the vineyards are planted far away from one another, not aligned in perfect rows. In order to survive the dry climate, the vines need plenty of space so that their roots can spread out deep into the soil. But Bodega Numanthia vines are unique not only in terms of their layout, but also by their age: 40% are over 70 years old, and the extraordinary 4.8-hectare parcel of Teso de los Carriles includes a handful of vine stocks that are over 140 years old. The art of oenology entails extracting the very best from these incredible vines, particularly the intense fruit aromas that are so specific to the Tinta de Toro grape, while shaping the elegance and structure of this appellation. While this approach to winemaking is shared by all three wines produced at the estate, each of them (Termes, Numanthia and Termanthia) has its own style and profile, sometimes vibrant and fruity, sometimes intense and powerful but always elegant and sophisticated.

Vine plant, Fuente Malena - Numanthia © Gilles de Beauchêne
Vine plant Numanthia © Bodega Numanthia


A hidden treasure can be found at the boundary of this age-old estate: a 16th-century church, built by Rodrigo Gil de Hontañon, architect to the Catholic Monarchs. The building is at the top of the village of Valdefinjas, and had been in ruins since the 1970s. A renovation project was financed by the estate in order to restore this architectural gem. Work was carried out on the walls, the structure and the roof, to prevent it from collapsing completely. In seven months, the church’s exterior was returned practically to its original state. The inside houses some wonderful treasures including the sacristy floor from the 13th century, and a magnificent cupola carved into the stone. This outstanding discovery, revealed to local residents during an organized tour, has energized the village and offered the estate a priceless historical treasure.

Interior of the church of Valdefinjas - Numanthia © Gilles de Beauchêne
The church of Valdefinjas © Bodega Numanthia

Key figures

  • 83 Number of hectares owned by the estate
  • 1880 Year when the first Numanthia vines were plante