A commitment to fighting sickle cell anemia



LVMH has been actively involved in the fight against sickle cell anemia since 2011, providing support for teams at Robert Debré Hospital in Paris.

Sickle cell anemia is a hereditary genetic blood disease that triggers painful crisis episodes. It is particularly prevalent among populations in Africa and the West Indies. In response to requests for aid for children suffering from sickle cell anemia in northeastern districts of Paris, LVMH first began offering support in 2011. The Group forged a partnership with teams at the Robert Debré pediatric hospital to enable the creation of a world-renowned center for sickle cell disease research.

An annual highlight of this support is a special “Committed Companies Dinner” hosted by Antonio Belloni, Group Managing Director, and Chantal Gaemperle, Group Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Synergies. The 200 participants include the presidents of LVMH houses, staff members and LVMH Group partners. Members of the hospital’s medical staff are invited to the event to help broaden awareness of the disease and share progress achieved thanks to support from LVMH.

Donations to the hospital since 2011 have enabled the team to pursue their research and improve the quality of patient care. “LVMH’s patronage has provided key impetus for several important research projects that would otherwise have lacked resources,” said Doctor Malika Benkerrou, head of the sickle cell disease center at Robert Debré Hospital.

In 2015 LVMH confirmed its long-term, open-ended support. “When you are fortunate to work in a privileged environment, a universe marked by dreams, sharing with the community is something we all feel very strongly about,” Chantal Gaemperle emphasized.