“À Deux C’est Mieux”: Le Bon Marché celebrates twosomes with its new exhibition event

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Le Bon Marché is inaugurating its new exhibition event dedicated to twosomes, entitled “À Deux C’est Mieux” (“Better Together”). In a convivial spirit, two guests of honor have been invited to interpret the concept in their own way. They are Morgane Sézalory, the founder of the Sézane label, and Morgane Ortin, the writer behind the “Amours Solitaires” project. All the store’s departments are entering into the spirit of the event, offering products and activities around the theme of sharing.

Whether a friendship, a collaboration, a love affair… it’s first and foremost the connection between two people which Le Bon Marché is celebrating with its new exhibition event, “À Deux C’est Mieux”. In a playful, positive spirit, the department store is spotlighting the unique bonds which can be formed between two people: the relationship between mother and daughter, between lovers, or simply two minds coming together to quench their thirst for creativity.

Two creative spirits have been invited to share their singular vision of the theme. Morgane Sézalory founded the hit ready-to-wear label Sézane, while Morgane Ortin launched the “Amours Solitaires” Instagram account, whose collection of anonymous romantic text messages has been turned into a book, amassing followers far and wide.

For Morgane Sézalory, the ideal destination for an escapade à deux is the poetically named Hotel Di Sézane, a space she created especially for the exhibition. This Italian fantasy features a bedroom with a shared dressing room which displays exclusive Sézane women’s collections, pieces from the label’s Octobre Editions men’s line, and even a selection of children’s clothes specially designed for the occasion. Visitors can prolong the experience at the “Gelateria”, with its mouthwatering array of artisanal Italian ice-cream, or post a letter to their beloved at the “Posta Del Cuore”. Unless, that is, they are seduced by the selection of bags, pouches, candles and cushions in the “Souvenir Shop”…

© Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

Morgane Ortin, for her part, has invited her followers to send her their most romantic declarations. These anonymous messages will be unveiled on giant screens under the glass roof of Le Bon Marché, as well as in the store’s windows on rue de Sèvres. Sunday will be the day of surprises: individuals will have the chance to display a personal message at an appointed time, when it can be seen by its unsuspecting recipient.

As part of “À Deux C’est Mieux”, the entire Bon Marché is celebrating twosomes through a range of activities, including music lessons for two from the Lola James Harper studio and cooking classes for parents and children. Several brands are offering exclusive pairings, with both Fendi and Céline, for example, unveiling mother-and-daughter bags in XL and XS formats.

It goes without saying that love is at the heart of “À Deux C’est Mieux”, with many products and services on offer to prepare for a wedding: customizable clothing, decorations, gifts for guests, portrait photography by Studio Harcourt… There is even an ephemeral space where brides can find the dress of their dreams. So many wonderful moments to share with a soulmate.