“À table, les soignants!”: French chefs invite hospital employees to their restaurants to thank them for their engagement during the crisis

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To thank hospital personnel for their tremendous efforts during the Covid-19 crisis, Cheval Blanc hotels and the LVMH Group launched an initiative on June 12 called “À table, les soignants!” (“Dinner is served, caregivers!”). Based on an idea from Michelin-starred chef Arnaud Donckele, and supported by many other chefs, the initiative aims to federate chefs in France to expresses gratitude for the tireless efforts of the hospital caregivers who battled the virus over long weeks by inviting them to dinner at a restaurant.


“À table, les soignants!” is inviting hospital caregivers to dinner throughout France to thank them for their tireless efforts to battle the spread of Covid-19. Supported by the generosity of restaurants, the program aims to invite hospital caregivers and their guest to a well-deserved meal.

The initiative was launched by Arnaud Donckele, chef at the three-star restaurant La Vague d’Or in the Cheval Blanc Saint-Tropez hotel, who says: “Going to a restaurant is the promise of a wonderful time. After the incredibly difficult weeks that medical staff went through, my fellow chefs and I wanted to do what we do best to say thank you, namely prepare dinner for two, a gift of really good food prepared with a spirit of generosity from the heart. We want to express our deep gratitude and admiration to all those who have taken care of us.”

To make Arnaud Donckele’s idea for “À table, les soignants!” happen, LVMH and Cheval Blanc teamed up to create an online platform that connects healthcare workers and partner restaurants. Hospital personnel sign up through an association called “Solidarité avec les soignants” (“Solidarity with caregivers”), which centralizes donations to transform them into available reservations for dinner as part of the program. At the same time, the MICHELIN Guide is reaching out to its impressive network of chefs and maîtres d’hôtel, as well as its millions of readers to cascade the initiative.

The celebrated dining guide also originated “Le Bon Menu”, a menu created by partner chefs whose restaurants will donate 10% of the price to help fund as many dinners as possible for the “À table, les soignants!” program. Some 224 tables for two have been reserved since the launch on June 12. The public can therefore get involved in this operation and be a strong support for “À table, les soignants!” by choosing to order “Le Bon Menu”.

To find out more, visit https://www.a-table-les-soignants.fr. This platform enables hospital medical personnel to sign up and select a restaurant, and invites restaurants to join the list of participating establishments. The site also lets companies make donations to support the initiatives. An individual who wish to participate can choose one of the restaurants offering “Le Bon Menu”.