An Odyssey of Touch: Loro Piana’s sensorial journey in Japan

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A few months ago Loro Piana inaugurated its new flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo’s most prestigious commercial district. To celebrate the opening, the Italian Maison invites its customers to embark on a sensorial journey in the store created by visual artist Weirdcore. The journey takes them on a discovery of Loro Piana’s identity, core values and almost six generations of history. Join us for a memorable tactile experience!

Opening a store in Japan was a natural choice for Loro Piana, explains CEO Fabio d’Angelantonio: “Japan is very much a quality driven market, and touch is key in ‘feeling’ the quality of the products. The Japanese really appreciate not only how an object appears, but also what’s behind it, its construction and details, aspects where Loro Piana excels.”

© Loro Piana

Conceived as an experience of discovery, knowledge and enrichment, An Odyssey of Touch underlines the deep relationship between Loro Piana with nature, the source of the excellence that defines the Italian Maison’s products. Designed by the artist Nicky Smith, better known as Weirdcore, renowned for creating multi-faceted experiences featuring digital images, the installation is open to the public until October 25.

The experience begins at street level in window displays that come alive, continuing inside the store all the say to the 4th floor with an immersive visual installation in an exclusive, intimate space designed to pamper loyal customers, including a vast range of customization services.

© Loro Piana

The installation explores Loro Piana’s relationship with nature, the sense of touch and the country of Japan through two digital pieces and one physical work. “The three installations are conceived as a journey through Japan. Starting from the simplest, natural side of the country, it then shifts towards an homage to Loro Piana fibers and their relationship with light. The journey culminates with a return to reality: an artificial, man-made and futuristic interpretation of the city of Tokyo,” commented Weirdcore.

The experience centers on what Loro Piana calls its “Excellences”, some of the world’s rarest raw fibers, and spotlights the cycle of nature and the innate beauty created by the Maison’s craftsmanship. Moving through the store, visitors enjoy a multi-faceted experience that combines touch, sight and visual technologies.

© Loro Piana

Practical information:

October 16 to October 25, 2020

Loro Piana Ginza Store

Address: 3-5-8 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Business hours: 11:00 am-8:00 pm