De Beers celebrates women with Moments in Light

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De Beers celebrates the brilliance of women and diamonds with “Moments in Light”, an emotional campaign in support of Women for Women International. Shot by celebrated photographer Mary McCarney, the portrait series was unveiled at the dedicated exposition at The Royal Academy of Arts in London.

It offers a unique insight into the lives of a group of remarkably talented women from across the world, their careers, inspirations and the defining “moments in light” that have changed everything. Moments in Light brings together contemporary artist and sculptor Cornelia Parker OBE, fashion designer Alice Temperley MBE, world renowned dancer and choreographer Aszure Barton, artist and photographer Chen Man and Michelin star chef Skye Gynell.

“Moments in Light is a really special project for us, as by celebrating talented women we are both inspiring women to be proud of their own achievements as well as helping women in difficult situations around the world through Women for Women International,” declared François Delage, CEO of De Beers Diamonds Jewellers. To celebrate the launch of the Moments in Light project, De Beers has also unveiled the 1888 Master Diamonds and Creative Solitaires, unique collection of colored diamonds and statement pieces that showcase the unique mastery of the jewelry House.

The campaign is set to benefit Women for Women International, a charity that helps women survivors of wars and conflicts in such countries as Afghanistan, Iraq, Rwanda and South Sudan. The year-long educational program developed by the charity helps the women learn vital skills that would help them and their families build a brighter tomorrow, turning them from victims into the agents of change.

The De Beers initiative will permit these women to gain confidence, learn vital skills, understand their rights and receive business training. With the support of De Beers, the charity will help 25 women in six yearly programs each across Kosovo, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq and Rwanda over the course of 2014 and 2015.

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