Belmond presents ‘MITICO’, a new artistic series in partnership with internationally acclaimed art gallery Galleria Continua

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For the 2022 season Belmond has launched MITICO, a partnership with internationally acclaimed art gallery Galleria Continua. The exhibition celebrates four prominent artists, each presenting their vision of the world and art de vivre, by exploring the captivating landmark gardens at four Belmond hotels in Italy.

MITICO is a natural collaboration between Galleria Continua, which opened in 1990 and proposes a timeless artistic continuum between past and present, and Belmond, who set out to perpetuate the legendary art of travel, taking discerning travelers on breathtaking journeys. Embodying a new art philosophy, the exhibition nurtures a sentiment of inclusivity and community. It aims to reinterpret universal customs shared among different societies such as cooking, painting, observing and appreciating. MITICO encapsulates these moments in a celebration of art de vivre. Belmond invites guests to see cultures through a different lens, tapping into the essence and beauty of each destination. The exhibition presents four striking creations by different artists from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Their themes differ, but combined they follow an arc that celebrates the splendor of the world.

“Cooking the World” by Indian artist Subodh Gupta can be found in the Casanova Gardens at the Cipriani in Venice, from April 23 to November 19. The artist has installed a large house fashioned from pots, pans and utensils discarded by their previous users, bearing witness to individual histories and narratives of past utility.

 “Viewing the World” at Villa San Michele in Florence (May 17 to November 7) is a work by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich, displayed from May 17 to November 7. He pays homage to the hotel’s exceptional location overlooking the city of Renaissance with an installation entitled “Window & Ladder”. Perception is the key element in the artist’s work, which challenges the viewer’s concept of reality, drawing the eye to a window that embraces ideas of universal beauty.

Immersed in the Tuscan countryside, “Loving the World” at Castello di Casole presents four Etruscan bronze sculptures by Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto entitled “Accarezzare gli Alberi” (“Caress the Trees”). Installed from May 18 to November 14 amidst centuries old trees, the sculptures accentuate the connection between the property and the surrounding land. In a region renowned as a cradle of civilization, this collaboration underlines human impact on nature and the importance of protecting it.

“Colouring the World” is a creation by Cameroonian artist Pascale Marthine Tayou. Perched in the mountains of Taormina next to the Grand Hotel Timeo from May 25 to 31 December, the artist’s installation retraces “Les Routes du Paradis”, a colorful path to the hotel entrance. The path is dotted with four crystal sculptures; human-sized totems with unique features and personalities. Dressed in elements of various origins, they embody the process of creolization – the mixing of different peoples and cultures.

This inaugural partnership between Belmond and Galleria Continua is a true meeting of the minds. The exhibition engages all of the senses and invites visitors to discover unique experiences in the heart of destinations shaped by art, nature and culture. Barriers are dismantled and doors open to welcome all art lovers.