Benefit en couleurs par David LaChapelle

Perfumes & Cosmetics


Benefit teamed up with irreverently whimsical photographer David LaChapelle to create the launch campaign for new colorful shades of its iconic They’re Real mascara and eyeliner. The glamorous, offbeat campaign connects perfectly with Benefit’s tongue-in-cheek ethos.

Lighthearted humor has always been the cornerstone of Benefit Cosmetics, which champions beauty that brings self-confidence to women. David LaChapelle drew inspiration from this fun-loving style in imagining the new campaign launching colorful shades of They’re Real mascara.

In a brazen and playful world that borrows kitsch clichés from B-movie thrillers, the heroine of the campaign shows unflustered confidence and unflappable glamour, resisting even attempts at ridicule. In keeping with the photographer’s penchant for showy staging, the campaign was shot on a set built specially for the occasion, without any digital retouching or editing. The visuals are also a nod to the origins of Benefit’s, which in its early days created special products for exotic dancers and showgirls…