Benefit helps empower women

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Faithful to its philosophy that the key to looking good is feeling good, Benefit has launched the Bold is Beautiful project. For a full month, all proceeds from Benefit’s signature BrowBar brow wax treatments will be donated to charities empowering women. The operation is a great chance to bring confidence and hope to others while looking gorgeous.

In 1976, Jean and Jane Ford founded Benefit around a single powerful idea: Laugher is the Best Cosmetic. Through its products, Benefit has established a world that revolves around an ebullient sense of humor and a belief that women look their best when they feel good about themselves and are brimming with confidence. The Bold is Beautiful project takes this philosophy beyond the beauty counter.

For one month, Benefit is donating all profits from its BrowBars to charities that support women with a local presence in participating markets. In May, the initiative is taking place in the United States, the UK and Australia. It will launch in France in June. The Bold is Beautiful project is expected to generate more than $2 million. More countries will join the project in the years ahead.