Bulgari inaugurates new jewelry manufacturing facility in Valenza

Bulgari inaugurated its new jewelry manufacturing facility in Valenza, Italy, on March 17. Bridging tradition and innovation, the 14,000-square-meter site expands Bulgari’s exclusively “made in Italy” manufacturing network.

Bulgari has continually amazed, innovated and renewed its creativity since its founding in Rome in 1884. The storied Maison bridges tradition and future once again with the inauguration of a new jewelry manufacturing facility in Valenza, Italy, a cradle of goldsmithing. The launch of the new 14,000-square-meter site will lead to the creation of 300 new jobs by 2020.

The Valenza site joins the network of Italian manufacturing facilities where Bulgari products are crafted by Italian artisans: high jewelry in Rome, accessories in Florence, perfumes in Lodi and silk in Como. Only watches are made outside Italy, in Switzerland, where they bear the prestigious Swiss Made label.


The new Manifattura Bulgari spans two buildings. The Cascina dell’Orefice is where the first goldsmiths worked in Valenza in the early 19th century.  Featuring a new wing encased entirely in glass, the completely renovated building has been dubbed the Glass House,. The second building houses production operations on three floors around a 600-square-meter interior courtyard, inspired by a Roman domus and bathing the interior in natural daylight. “This new facility is a perfect fusion of past and present, bringing together a love of beauty and the artisanal savoir-faire that has made Italy the world leader in jewelry and goldsmithing,” says Jean-Christophe Babin, Chief Executive Officer of Bulgari.

Designed by Open Project, an architecture and engineering firm specialized in integrated management of complex building systems, the Manifattura Bulgari seamlessly integrates the surrounding environment. It has been constructed using innovative technologies, materials with low environmental impact and an emphasis on sustainability. The project aims to earn certification to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the world’s most demanding sustainable building standard.

This ambitious project also includes the new Bulgari Jewellery Academy, where all new employees will learn time-honored jewelry making skills. The first class counts 21 young jewelry artisans and has capacity for 42 students.