“Cashmere – The Origin of a Secret”: through the lens of filmmaker Luc Jacquet, Loro Piana invites viewers to discover the sources of its iconic raw material

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Loro Piana is proud to present “Cashmere – The Origin of a Secret”, its first documentary in collaboration with Academy Award-winning director Luc Jacquet. This first chapter in a trilogy exploring the Maison’s iconic raw fibers pays tribute to the expertise of Mongolian herdsmen, which has enabled Loro Piana to create exquisite fabrics and garments for more than six generations.

While Loro Piana cashmere is world-renowned for its fineness, softness and warmth, details of its origins are not widely known. “Cashmere – The Origin of a Secret” explores the sourcing and processing behind this exceptional material. The first in a trilogy about the roots of the natural fibers used by Loro Piana, the film is the first collaboration between the Italian house and director Luc Jacquet, whose 2006 film The March of the Penguins won an Academy Award.

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Before becoming a filmmaker Luc Jacquet was an ecologist specialized in the relationship between living beings and extreme environments. He was attracted by the values of Loro Piana, which are anchored in the preservation of traditional craftsmanship. For the filmmaker, these values mesh with his own beliefs and commitment to protecting the environment: “Loro Piana is not a simple manufacturer looking for suppliers, it’s much more than that. This brand takes a real step towards saving species, landscapes and know-how.”

‘Cashmere – The Origin of a Secret” invites viewers to the heart of the steppes of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, the source of Loro Piana cashmere. Here, amidst an extreme environment near the Gobi Desert, nomadic herders raise the Capra Hircus goat, from which cashmere is harvested. Responding to the threat to this ecosystem from industrial overproduction, Loro Piana has for many years pursued initiatives to ensure responsible production, preserving the Mongolian ecosystem while enabling local herder communities to live better and produce higher quality cashmere over the long term.

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Luc Jacquet’s documentary retracing this adventure premiered at the MIFA 1862 Art Center in Shanghai on October 19th, accompanied by an immersive experience featuring Mongolian landscapes. During the event Loro Piana also presented the “Loro Piana Cashmere of the Year Award”, which recognizes the know-how of the world’s best cashmere producers.

The film “Cashmere – The Origin of a Secret” is available on the Loro Piana website (www.loropiana.com). It will be followed by two other documentaries on Vicuna and The Gift of Kings merino wool.

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