Chandon, a new campaign with a new energy

Wines & Spirits


For 60 years, Chandon has exported its products around the world, developing an exceptional offering of sparkling wines that are as delightful as they are varied. In 2015, Chandon for the first time rolled out unified fresh and spontaneous campaigns for its fifty markets.

Chandon has created a new global identity to represent all its estates and address exponential growth in demand for sparkling wines. Starting in September 2015, the different markets, among which the United States, Australia, China and India share a same brand image, that impersonates a promising future.

Made at exceptional vineyards across the globe, Chandon continually explores new horizons, blending French expertise with local savoir-faire. Chandon aims to be the sparkling wine of choice for informal, spontaneous occasions, a wine to be enjoyed in cocktails on the beach or at lunch with friends. This positioning is now expressed in a common visual identity that features the shooting star motif, a symbol that is both festive and ambitious. The colorful new identity, with powerful lines, will be used in all Chandon advertising and marketing, as well as point-of-sale merchandising and derivative products at the wineries, underlining a vibrant side. The Brut and Rosé universes will now be represented by a butterfly and a dragonfly to express the lightness and spontaneity of the brand.

Chandon launched its first global advertising campaign, which has proved highly successful thanks to the message “#Unplan with Chandon”, promoting unexpected moments of celebration, with local versions such as “live your life #unplanned” in Australia or “Let’s catch up” in the United States.