Chaumet Intime: a year of behind the scenes photographs at the high jewelry Maison

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The recently published book Chaumet Behind the Scenes reveals for the first time the day-to-day innver workings of the storied Paris high jewelry house. Richly documented, the book contains a year of photographs by Julien Falsimagne, who captured intimate and candid scenes inside the Maison, from the creation of exceptional jewelry to the launch of a new collection or the inauguration of a boutique. These stolen moments illustrate the amazing savoir-faire of the people who continue to write new chapters in Chaumet’s history. 

Chaumet Behind the Scenes is a unprecedented immersion into the generally extremely private world of high jewelry. For the first time Chaumet opened its doors to a photographer to reveal the inner workings of the heart of the Maison at 12 Place Vendôme in a stunning new book.

For twelve months, photographer Julien Falsimagne had unique access to follow the day-to-day life of the Maison founded in 1780 and its staff. Known for his fashion, advertising and documentary work, the photographer regularly collaborates with leading fashion houses and the press. The authentic emotion of his striking photographs chart a memorable journey behind the scenes for an intimate look at Maison Chaumet.


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Nothing escapes the photographer’s discerning eye, inviting readers to discover the artisans – jewelers, expert setting, polishing and engraving artisans – engrossed in their work as they bring exceptional jewels to life. Brilliant, oval, emerald or pear-shaped, precious gems and diamonds are meticulously cut and sculpted in front of the photographer’s lens.

The graceful and exquisitely ethereal jewels that embody the inimitable Chaumet style testify to the excellence, tradition of sharing and ongoing heritage of the Maison, which has perpetuated its unique savoir-faire for more than two centuries.

Published by La Martinière, Chaumet Behind the Scenes is available in bookstores for 50 euros.

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