Cloudy Bay, maker of marine elixirs

Wines & Spirits


Travel to the unique LVMH destinations with Cloudy Bay vineyards. Located at the northern end of New Zealand’s South Island, the Marlborough region is home to the Cloudy Bay vineyards. Bordered by Mount Riley and the bay on the coast side, the area boasts a cool maritime climate that harbors the secret to the estate’s distinctive wines.

The plains of Marlborough are a naturally peaceful haven with humid rocky soils. The great geographic diversity of the area results in extreme climatic variations. This rich array of contrasting micro-climates gives each Cloudy Bay vineyard a distinctive personality. Situated in an environmentally-protected site, the estate has been a pioneer in sustainable winemaking. The unique surrounding landscapes are carefully preserved, from Cloudy Bay’s emblematic Mount Riley to the bay’s pristine Pacific coastline. Cloudy Bay’s new winery residence, The Shack, once the wooden home of the founders, offering exclusive accommodations for invited guests amidst these exceptional vineyards.

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