Dior docks in South America

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The stories of the founders, creations and workshops of LVMH houses are often intimately linked to exceptional places across the globe. For the final days of summer, join us on a journey to some of these amazing destinations…

The olfactory explorations of Dior Perfumer-Creator François Demachy have taken the House’s fragrances to Portofino, Pondichery and the Marquises islands. Released in May 2012, The most recent port of call is the vibrantly colorful and sun-drenched beaches of the Brazilian resort of Parati.

Once a bustling colonial merchant port on the Costa Verde, Parati was a melting pot of world cultures. Life here still follows the rhythms of the tides, the monsoon season and the ubiquitous surrounding nature. Bordered by jungle, this town that time seems to have forgotten has become a refuge for aesthetes in search of pure landscapes, sleek, simple shapes and vivid colors. To translate Parati’s soft and languorous atmosphere, François Demachy melded the freshness of petitgrain with the warm vegetal notes of rosewood and tonka bean. The resulting fragrance poetically revisits Dior’s exotic and bohemian inspirations with exhilarating effervescence.