Dior Joaillerie presents wind roses

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Admittedly superstitious and convinced that the stars were watching over him, Monsieur Dior always carried with him a lucky metal star he had found on the very day Maison Christian Dior was created. Victoire de Castellane pays tribute to this conviction with a new collection of precious lucky charms.

The “rose des vents”, or wind rose, was a recurring motif in Christian Dior’s life. The star shape reprised his lucky charm, while the nautical tool – essential for journeys to places unknown – evoked his childhood by the sea in Granville, Normandy. It was a perfect symbol for the eclectic and diverse world he encountered daily through his couture house. Inspired by these stories, Dior Joaillerie Creative Director Victoire de Castellane conceived her latest collection using the wind rose as a metaphor for the designer’s life.

Each of the pieces in the collection is double-sided. On one side a diamond is set in the center of a “rose des vents” in pink gold. On the other side, a precious stone represents each of the cardinal directions: mother-of-pearl for north, turquoise for south, pink opal for east and lapis-lazuli for west. The stones from far-flung horizons reprise some of Monsieur Dior’s favorite colors.

To embody this play between the designer’s life and her inspirations, Victoire de Castellane also created a series of short video cartoons, staging imaginary dialogues that she might have had with Monsieur Dior while crafting the collection together. In the space of a few seconds, the light-hearted vignettes present the worlds embodied by each of the cardinal points, and the stones that represent them.