Dior’s metaphysical haute couture

Fashion & Leather Goods


Sensory and sensual, Dior haute couture for Spring-Summer 2015 reinvents the “flower-woman” with a retro-futuristic aesthetic. The collection perfectly embodies Raf Simons’ style, future-facing while anchored in a deep respect for heritage.

To present his latest haute couture collection for Christian Dior, Raf Simons created a décor of metal scaffolding and mirrors, set off by deep pink tones. The backdrop served as a metaphor for a powerful and sensual feminine style that has emerged and taken shape with each successive season. Geometry, flowers and complexity all enhance a silhouette with lines featuring emblematic Dior themes that the designer revisited with pop references and technological prowess.

During the show the models stepped out like an army of strange and fascinating silhouettes from a future inspired by mid-20th century science fiction. Vinyl thigh-high boots in pop colors, embroidered jumpsuits worn like a second skin, plastic coats and pleated A-line outfits expressed the charm of the 50’s, the audacity of the 60’s and the freedom of the 70’s.

The magical blending of eras spotlighted a meticulous attention to details, made possible by the extraordinary savoir-faire of Dior ateliers. For each piece, traditional techniques and fabrics were combined with resolutely innovative materials. Plastic tattoo-print coats were worn over sequined evening minidresses, embellished by necklaces in pink, silver and red sequins. A wealth of luxuriant details included patent leather closures, pleated silk embellished with ribbons and guipure re-embroidered with a variety of materials, resonating totally with the profound, rich style of the Dior woman.