#DiorStandsWithWomen celebrating feminity marked by courage and self-affirmation

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Inspired by a history marked by exceptional women, Dior has released a series of video portraits of passionate women who embody essential values of pride, sharing and inspiring others. The #DIORSTANDSWITHWOMEN #DIORCHINUP films feature frank and memorable conversations, offering examples and inspiration for women around the world.

“Know how to say no!” Writer and journalist Leïla Slimani insists that women must allow themselves not to please others. “Am I being authentic to myself or am I being a product of what I feel like society wants me to be?” Dilone, an exceptional young woman who figures among today’s leading top models, boldly puts this question to herself. She embodies an essential vision of diversity and challenges other women to fully embrace who they are in all their differences.

Yara Shahidi, talented actress and brilliant activist, was just 18 when she created “EIGHTEEN X 18” to engage young people with their country’s political and legal systems. “The task of creating a space that is equitable can be complex,” she says. Natalie Portman, actress, producer, activist and now author, states “It was instilled in me very early on that if there is injustice you have to stand up. Because not standing up against injustice is being complicit with it.”

Equally inspiring are insights from internationally acclaimed actress and ambassador for the UN Environment Program Li Bingbing, along with figure skating legend Kim Yuna and India Mahdavi, a self-defined “polyglot and polychrome” architect, designer and scenographer whose art is steeped in multiculturalism that she sees as “an abolition of borders, a definition of freedom.”

All share their singular voices with strength, emotion and great sincerity.

In addition to the inspiring stories in the #DIORSTANDSWITHWOMEN #DIORCHINUP series, Dior has joined Charlize Theron, founder of CTAOP to providing funding for CTAOP Youth Leaders Scholarships, enabling young people in the program pursue university studies and embark on a path to becoming “Leaders of Tomorrow”. Those selected very often turn out to be young girls recognized for their commitment within their local communities.

All educational costs are covered for four years, enabling leadership training for around fifteen students. With great pride in results achieved to date, Charlize Theron introduces us to two young South Africans from the class of 2019 who have been awarded CTAOP Youth Leaders Scholarships.

One has set her sights on becoming a judge in order to fight violence against women and children. The second is preparing to become a physiotherapist and wants to work in a hospital to help improve access to care for the community. “Chevario Swanepoel and Mokwanda Mantshintschi are determined, passionate, inspired and inspiring. They’re motivated by their ideals and just bursting with commitment, emotion and energy,” she says.

Their galvanizing personalities powerfully embody the spirit of this ambitious educational program, which Dior will be supporting for the new class of 2021. The scholars supported by Dior will no doubt themselves  be much talked about soon, thanks to their engagement, strength and determination.