“En Couleurs!” New exhibition at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche welcomes fine weather with brightly-colored optimism

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As fine weather arrives, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche has decked itself out in bright upbeat colors. The new “En Couleurs!” exhibition at the iconic Paris department store welcomes visitors with a splash of joyful optimism. All the store’s departments feature special creations that celebrate craftsmanship bursting with dazzling colors.


Open again since May 11, Le Bon Marché is celebrating the advent of fine weather and hopefulness with a wave of optimism in the new “En Couleurs!” exhibition. The evocatively named event brings cheerful splashes of color to every corner of the store.

The spirit infuses every space thanks to collaboration with partner brands spanning fashion, accessories, jewelry, beauty homeware, kids, food and more. All the departments are more vibrantly hued than ever.

The sunny creations celebrate an array of artisanal craftsmanship, from embroidery to wickerwork and tie-dye prints to hand-painted patterns. Tradition is revisited with an ultra-contemporary, multicolored spin. Fusing poetry and dreams, the colors evoke treasures and memories from trips around the world. Dreamcatchers are materialized in objects that invite escape through color into a kingdom bursting with optimism.

© Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

Loewe and its Loewe x Paula’s Ibiza capsule collection are guests of honor at the exhibition, sharing the wonderfully cheery and colorful world of the Balearics. Pieces and accessories for men and women are featured on the second floor, joined by special events throughout the “En Couleurs!” exhibition at Le Bon Marché.

The Antik Batik and Farm Rio brands also propose invitations to travel via their creations. The former has designed a capsule fashion and lifestyle collection centered on Mongolia, while the latter has set up its Brazilian beach hut. Timeless tie-dye motifs inspire complete collections by Hogan and Philippe Model, who apply the prints on a range of sneakers. Other standouts include t-shirts and sweaters from Maison Mère, Kujten and From Future.

“En Couleurs!” is also a chance for brands to revisit their classics in colorful themes. Dinh Van proposes a new take on its Handcuff bracelets, Fred has created an exclusive edition of its celebrated Force 10 bracelet in a rich “colorama rainbow” selection of insets on links and clasps, while Poiray designed a colorfully braided watchband.

Food offerings are equally kaleidoscopic. La Grande Epicerie de Paris has curated a polychromatic selection of Refeel kombucha bottles, Terre de Café cans in pop colors and Bam & Co granola, plus a rainbow of  BonBon Chic flower lollipops. The food stands at La Grande Epicerie join the bright fun too, and the Primo Piano and Rose Bakery restaurants both have tasty takeout menus.

The “En Couleurs!” exhibition runs until June 21 at Le Bon Marché, a great way to usher in summer with bright optimism!