Espaces culturels Louis Vuitton launch IN SITU – 1

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The Espaces culturels Louis Vuitton are set to unleash raw creativity with an unprecedented IN SITU-1 open studio project uniting three remarkable artists who will showcase their works in Espaces located in Paris, Munich and Tokyo.

“A defined passion for creation has always been at the core of Louis Vuitton, which translates into the idea of witnessing how new work materializes and share the experience of the creative process,” declared Michael Burke, CEO of the Maison. Dedicated to the presentation of cultural and artistic expression and the support of emerging and established artists, since their openings, the Espaces have earned a valuable place in the cultural lives of their respective cities.

The project continues the Maison’s commitment to pay tribute to outstanding women in various creative disciplines. IN SITU-1 will bring together the American artist Andrea Bowers, who will base her studio in Paris; Korean Min-Jeong Seo is set to showcase her creativity in Tokyo, while Malaysian Simryn Gill will create her works at the Espace culturel Louis Vuitton in Munich. The project was kicked-off by Andrea Bowers, who has already made Paris her residence up until September 21. Min-Jeong Seo and Simryn Gill will follow and create works of art from September till January 2015.

The visitors of the Parisian Espace culturel will have an opportunity to participate in “rendez-vous” conferences and conversations, see special performances and be a part of a special young audience program, which includes artist-run workshops, creative courses and a journal of complementary information. For the occasion, the cultural space will be subdivided into three sections which will include Andre Bowers’ open studio, a space where the visitors can discover a selection of books on the artist’s universe, as well as an area especially dedicated to the youth workshops.