Exceptional wool from Loro Piana

Fashion & Leather Goods


“The Gift of Kings” collection uses one of the finest wools in the world, the fruit of over 30 years of close collaboration between Loro Piana and merino wool producers in New Zealand and Australia.

The name “The Gift of Kings” derives from the exceptional merino wool produced by merino sheep, some of which were gifted by the King of Spain to the Elector of Saxony in the 18th century. A symbol of excellence and nobility, the name has now been bestowed on one of the finest materials in the world, produced thanks to Loro Piana’s unique expertise and passion.

After selecting several producers of merino wool in Australia and New Zealand more than 30 years ago, Loro Piana nurtured a unique relationship anchored in confidence and a shared quest for the ultimate in quality. Thanks to this collaboration, Loro Piana has been able to develop the finest wool in the world, incomparably soft and remarkably fluid. The supple wool allows the body to breathe like a second skin, naturally adapting to changes in temperature.

Produced exclusively for Loro Piana, “The Gift of Kings” wool has spawned a series of exceptional pieces for men, as well as unisex scarves for connoisseurs of truly precious materials. Only 2,000 pieces have been made for this luxurious collection.