Fendi and Versace light up Fashion Week with Fendace

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Fendi and Versace came together during Milan Fashion Week to debut the exclusive Fendace collection. For the first time in the history of fashion, designers of two houses swapped places with one another to create wardrobes inspired by their interpretation of the other’s codes.

Silvia Venturini Fendi, Kim Jones and Donatella Versace switched roles for a fresh interpretation of iconic codes at their counterparts’ houses. Encompassing 25 looks, these unique collections are more than a simple collaboration, embodying “the Swap”, a creative dialogue anchored by reciprocal trust and singular sensibilities.

Kim Jones and Silvia Venturini Fendi presented their striking vision of Versace, while Donatella Versace unveiled an inimitable take on Fendi. The designers plunged into the archives of the two Italian houses for a highly personal approach nourished by deep respect for the Fendi and Versace codes. Fendace is ultimately about the need for sincerity in fashion today.

Inspired by the mid-to-late nineties, Versace by Fendi explores an idea of duality, melding the Fendi Monogram with the Versace Greek Key motif. Fendi by Versace takes a more punk rock stance, embracing disruption.

Friends, idols, mentors… It’s the beauty of togetherness,” commented Kim Jones, Artistic Director Fendi Couture and Womenswear

It’s a first in the history of fashion: two designers having a true creative dialogue that stems from respect and friendship. It led us to swapping roles to create these two collections,” said Donatella Versace, Chief Creative Officer Versace