Fresh celebrates its 30th anniversary with commitments to building a brighter future

Perfumes & Cosmetics


Caring for the skin of the earth as we do for our own skin. That is the foundation of Forever Freshthe brand’s new sustainability platform focused on working responsibly with communities where Fresh sources its skincare hero ingredients, while addressing climate action and eco-packaging. As part of its 30th anniversary commitments, Fresh has outlined concrete goals and action plans in each of these areas and aims to achieve them before its 40th anniversary in 2031. 

Fresh is honored to be the first LVMH Maison to become an official member of the Union for Ethical Bio Trade, UEBT.

Through this partnership, Fresh wants to have a positive impact in local communities, improving practices to ensure “sourcing with respect”.

Born from a United Nations initiative, the UEBT is a non-profit association internationally recognized for its standard defining ethical sourcing practices for ingredients from biodiversity. UEBT’s mission is to regenerate nature to secure a better future for people and the planet. Working with the UEBT, Fresh is committed to initiating on-site assessments by the end of 2021 for skincare hero ingredients to identify improvement opportunities, and to establishing ongoing partnerships with organizations that support the communities where Fresh sources skincare hero ingredients. Upon completion of UEBT assessments, by 2025 Fresh will ensure that improvement plans are in progress and aims to reach a $1,000,000 donation goal to organizations that empower future generations.

Fresh will also conduct a global carbon footprint assessment in 2021 and set reduction targets. Fresh aims to source 100% renewable energy for Fresh shops around the world by 2023 and both shops and offices will reduce emissions by 50% by 2025. Fresh’s goal is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 by setting emission reduction targets aligned with the Paris Agreement.

To conserve the planet’s resources and reduce its environmental footprint, by 2025 Fresh aims to ensure that 100% of product and gift set packaging is recyclable or made from recycled materials, and that, by 2023, 100% of paper packaging is certified from responsibly managed forests. The brand is also committed to eco-designing all future innovations. To achieve this, it will implement a “Respect, Reduce, Replace” strategy that includes utilizing post-consumer resources and designs packaging to be recyclable.

Since the creation of Fresh in 1991, founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg have always been inspired by natural ingredients and cultural traditions from around the world for their precious creations. Today Fresh has evolved into a global brand beloved for its sensorial skincare, lipcare, body care and fragrance products inspired by natural ingredients.

To continue to thrive and create safe, effective and sensorial products, Fresh has announced 30 commitments focused on the planet, people and products. These commitments reflect an enduring sense of responsibility for helping leave future generations a world that is “Forever Fresh”.