Fresh taps CSM creativity

Perfumes & Cosmetics


Fresh has drawn on the creative talents of students from Central Saint Martins (CSM) to revisit the brand’s visual codes. As part of an exclusive competition, young designers from the London art and design school were invited to propose their vision of the beauty brand. This innovative initiative lets Fresh energize its growth and enhance the brand’s visual codes.

LVMH has been a partner to Central Saint Martins, the premier art and design school based in London, for over 10 years. The school was thus a natural choice to join Fresh on this journey to define a new “illustration” visual code. With support from LVMH House—the training and development center for Group senior executives and key contributors—the competition for CSM students was organized in successive phases.

First, over a hundred students met with Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg. During this creative brief the Fresh founders shared their personal stories and passion for Fresh. A month later, 22 finalists were shortlisted from the 80 initial submissions. These finalists were invited to LVMH House in London to present their work to the Fresh founders, as well as Fresh President Jean-Marc Plisson and Senior VP Global Marketing Communications Lucy Perdomo.

The Fresh team was very impressed with all the students’ work, reflecting the rich range of interpretations inspired by the brand and its DNA. In the end Wilfrid Depauw was chosen as the winner. In addition to a 1,000 GBP prize, he was offered an opportunity to discover Fresh from the inside as an intern on the brand’s New York team.

This creative collaboration between Fresh, CSM and LVMH House will soon continue with a new project to design fashion-forward uniforms for Fresh employees. This latest initiative again confirms the strong support of LVMH and its Houses for young creative talents.