“From Grape to Glass”: Hennessy invites visitors on an immersive tour into the heart of cognac

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To offer visitors a truly exclusive experience, Maison Hennessy has created an exceptional private tour called “From Grape to Glass”. The personalized guided tour takes visitors on a multisensory journey to the heart of cognac production sites for insights into how the elixir is crafted.



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Hennessy is proud to share the history of the Maison and its unique savoir-faire with the public. In 2016 the renowned cognac house redesigned its visitors tour as a multisensory experience, drawing on cutting-edge technologies to immerse visitors in behind-the-scenes facets of cognac production. In 2018 the range of tour options expanded with the addition of private tours dubbed “From Grape to Glass”.

From vineyards to the distillery, visitors have a chance to meet the people who make cognac. The immersive tour unfolds with the rhythm of the seasons and the production cycle of Hennessy’s precious eaux-de-vie. The Spring-Summer experience centers on the vines, with a visit to Domaine de la Bataille, an experimental vineyard where Hennessy carries out research on sustainable winegrowing. Visitors learn about the growth cycle of the vines, meeting with the teams before a guided tour of the distillery, which remains calm during this period of the year.

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“From Grape to Glass” features the Le Peu Distillery for the Fall-Winter private tour experience. Here the stills are at full regime with shimmering copper and the inimitable scent of eau-de-vie being distilled. Visitors discover the secrets of the Charentaise double distillation technique. This unique behind-the-scenes sensorial experience continues in the traditional chai cellar where the eaux-de-vie are aged, and then Le Paradis, the cellar reserved for aging the Maison’s most precious old eaux-de-vie.

The tour culminates with a private tasting of five eaux-de-vie at different stages of maturation, as well as three Hennessy cognacs. This memorable experience reminds visitors that these exceptional products are the fruit of unique savoir-faire.

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Practical information:

Private tours available for two or more persons
Duration: 4 hours
Price: €250 per person
Tours available all year round
Available in 6 languages
Rue de la Richonne – 16100 Cognac