“Geek mais chic”, the shopping 3.0 experience at Le Bon Marché

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With a little help from 80 plus international brands spanning the worlds of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, Le Bon Marché transforms the shopping experience with “Geek mais chic”, an exhibition that runs until April 22, 2019. From digital innovations to tech-enriched sensory experiences, the event invites customers to plunge into fun, immersive adventures as they try out products with an emphasis on powerful engagement and personalization. Welcome to shopping in the third millennium!

Already renowned for its curated selection of ever-more exclusive and personalized products, Le Bon Marché takes retail innovation to a new level with the exhibition “Geek mais chic”. With a staging inspired by computer screen pixels reinterpreted in XXL size, the department store invites visitors to enjoy game-changing interactive experiences at corners hosted by over 80 international brands, including a good many LVMH Maisons.

This groundbreaking event on the global retail stage showcases digital innovations and tech-enhanced sensory experiences. New technologies presented by the more than 80 participating brands take production customization and services into exciting new realms. Shopping becomes an entirely new experience as customers interact with the different brand universes to try out, engage with and customize their offerings.

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Dior proposes skin scanners that precisely analyze each person’s skin to recommend facial care products suited to specific needs. Guerlain has a smart voice assistant that helps people select their perfect perfume from among its 110 fragrances. And Fendi features selfie mirrors that immerse visitors in the world of its iconic Baguette bag.

“Geek mais chic” is both an unprecedented shopping experience and an invitation to discover a new world populated with holograms created with Orbis* that seem to spring from a parallel galaxy above the Zenith stand, a world where visitors can fly over New York in a helicopter or glide across the canals of Venice in a gondola with TAG Heuer. Robots are of course part of the futurist festivities at Le Bon Marché as well. Moët & Chandon’s robot, created by Spoon*, can answer even the most discerning aficionado’s queries about champagne, and the connected robot-mixologist at the digital bar created by Kuantom*  has invented a special Moynat cocktail.

Never before has the lifestyle space offered so many different virtual reality experiences in a single venue. A must for innovation fans and everyone who wants an advance look at third-millennium shopping. Until April 22, 2019 at Le Bon Marché.

*Orbis is part of the LVMH Maison des Startups, as is Spoon, which recently joined the program. Spoon and Kuantom were both featured at the MH Lab during Viva Technology.