Graphic artist Chito meets the universe of Givenchy

Fashion & Leather Goods


For his first artistic collaboration at Givenchy, Matthew M. Williams engages a playful dialogue with graphic artist Chito. The resulting collection is a fusion of the Creative Director’s sharp tailoring and graphic aesthetic with the artist’s take on the Givenchy universe.

The collaboration for the Givenchy Spring 2022 Precollection celebrates two cultures and loves of Matthew M. Williams, his U.S. homeland and France, the country he now calls home.

Chito’s Truehearted pop-inspired print of a girl and a heart and the 4G Heart fusion of the iconic Givenchy logo and the artist’s signature both surface to embellish pieces in the collection, along with new airbrush graphics he developed to enrich his vision of Givenchy.  Abstract and figurative motifs mix with idiosyncratic characters such as Chito’s cartoon dog, a symbol of protection and loyalty.

The collection includes both men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, as well as leather goods, injecting fresh energy with a warm color palette, a vibrant mix of textures and novel twists and hardware and embellishments. Craft-inspired designs such as a spider-web motif are joined by chains, metal beads and bandana embellishments.

The collaboration is expanded with the release of a series of 15 NFTs, auctioned on November 23 with proceeds going to The Ocean Cleanup, a foundation that Givenchy has long supported.

The campaign video shot by Jasmine Loignon evokes an inspiring journey as Givenchy women and men strike out for urban adventure, layered with cross-border references as New York and Paris become one.

With their collaboration, Matthew M. Williams and Chito push the Givenchy lexicon into bold new territory.