Green Week 2017: Developing environmental skills



For the last day of  Green Week 2017 the spotlight moves to Essen, Germany, to showcase successful transformations in the Ruhr region and initiatives led by young entrepreneurs to make the city greener. At LVMH, teams receive special training, and environmental good practices are deployed across the value chain. 

Progress made by LVMH in environmental issues is linked directly to the Group’s ability to engage its 134,000 employees as active stakeholders in the process. Training programs are regularly expanded throughout the Group to ensure that everyone takes ownership of environmental performance, energized by the rollout of the LIFE program and the launch of the LIFE 2020 objectives.   

To ensure that policy flows through to performance, LVMH has created the Environment Academy, a comprehensive training program comprising several modules. This enables every member of the Group, regardless of their position and experience with environmental issues, to understand the importance of environmental performance and personally have a direct impact. “This training equipped me with a range of tools and methods to successfully complete projects. I also appreciated the chance to address challenging situations such as how to support change, overcome resistance and manage projects. This gives you an essential sense of perspective,” says Aïcha Bebba, environment and sustainable development manager at Christian Dior Couture. During its first year in 2016, the Environment Academy provided nearly 2,000 hours of training for over 600 people representing a significant number of Maisons.  

To drive the Group’s sustainable procurement policy, environment managers are invited to attend training on assessing environmental risks at supplier sites using a 35-question audit checklist developed at LVMH. Some 370 hours of eco-design training were provided in the first quarter of 2017 alone – equivalent to the entire previous year! The Environment Academy showed rich promise during its first year, auguring well for continuous progress in the Group’s environmental performance.