Green Week: Investing in our countryside



The city of Valletta in Malta will host the second conference as part of 2016 Green Week. The day’s program covers investment in the countryside and how to better conserve natural resources for future generations.

LVMH and its Houses are very much aware of the importance of protecting agricultural production and the natural environment because they are the source of essential raw materials such as flowers, grapevines and fibers. We have thus naturally taken a host of initiatives to promote sustainable agriculture.

Our Champagne houses seek to protect the fragile ecosystems of their vineyards by gaining dual certification in Sustainable Viticulture and Agriculture of High Environmental Value. And Hennessy has donated €600,000 to a team of French and international scientists to advance research into grapevine trunk diseases.

© Cha Ling

Selecting responsible suppliers is another important element of sustainable agriculture. We regularly conduct supply chain audits of the natural resources we use in our products. LVMH Fragrance Brands has audited its rose, jasmine, orange blossom and bergamot suppliers. What’s more, we place great importance on respecting local environments and cultures. This is reflected in the Cha Ling cosmetics brand, which protects the Pu’er tea plant which is grown in forests that are thousands of years old in Yunnan, China.

Loro Piana has helped save vicuña from extinction by founding a reserve where traditional breeding methods are used, achieving a balance between the animals, their habitat and local populations.

The LVMH Group has been committed to preserving agricultural land and the natural environment for many years. We have been working tirelessly alongside public and private partners, like the French Foundation for Research on Biodiversity, of which we are a founding member.