Guerlain and Bvlgari Parfums showcase savoir-faire and creativity with behind the scenes looks at how their fragrances are crafted

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This unprecedented period invites introspection and offers a chance to step back from daily preoccupations. Guerlain and Bvlgari Parfums thought this was a great time to look back at the origins of their exceptional perfume creations and also give people a chance to learn more about how fragrances are made. At the heart of these remarkable scents is the savoir-faire of the “noses”, the master perfumers of the two Maisons who draw on unbridled creativity…


Countries around the world have introduced stay-at-home restrictions for weeks now, bringing the tumult of busy lives to an almost complete halt for many people. This pause offers a wonderful opportunity to pursue activities that were previously hard to fit into busy schedules, and also learn new things.

Guerlain and Bvlgari Parfums are taking advantage of this hiatus to explore the origin stories of their fragrances and share some of the secrets behind how they are made. The world of perfume is as rich as it is complex, with a captivating aura that reflects the magnetic and evocative power of an inimitable scent…

Bvlgari Parfums invites people to learn more about the fundamental principles that shape the art of perfume-making with content that is both fun and educational. What are the major fragrance families? What do terms like top notes, heart and base notes mean? The storied Italian Maison lets everyone understand  language might seem esoteric to non-specialists. Bvlgari Parfums also brings in master perfumers to explain some of the subtler points of their craft and talk about their creative process. A colorful journey of discovery into the heady world of perfumes, available on the Bvlgari Parfums Instagram page.

Maison Guerlain proposes another chapter in this discovery of perfumes through the eyes of its Master Perfumer, Thierry Wasser. In “Private Talk”, a series of videos posted on the Guerlain Instagram account, the Maison’s nose shares his vision of perfume, the singular skills needed to create a perfume and his sources of inspiration. The videos reveal the renowned perfumer’s distinctive personality, as well as insights into the fragrances and the characteristics that make each of them unique.

Guerlain then invites its community to join Thierry Wasser on his spellbinding journeys around the world in a series entitled “Les Routes du Parfumeur” as he  seeks out new scents and raw materials to be used in the production of new fragrances. From the forests of Asia to Middle Eastern deserts, Thierry Wasser meets the growers of these exceptional ingredients who work in harmony with nature to nurture the most refined flowers for Guerlain. These Guerlain series offer fresh insights into the creations and invaluable savoir-faire behind each of the Maison’s fragrances.