Guerlain launches REAVERSE project with a collection of NFT “cryptobees” to support rewilding of an exceptional nature reserve in France

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In 2021 Guerlain held an auction of original NFT (Non Fungible Token) certified digital artworks, with proceeds going to the Millière Valley project in the Yvelines department west of Paris, sponsored by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Now Guerlain is building on its pioneering commitment to nature with further support through the REAVERSE project.

REAVERSE is a collaboration between two longstanding friends, photographer, filmmaker and environmental activist Yann Arthus-Bertrand, and Maison Guerlain. It also brings together two seemingly opposite realms – the physical world and the digital universe. In the face of pressing contemporary challenges and at a time when the focus seems increasingly on digital transformations – from the metaverse and avatars to NFTs – Guerlain remains more committed than ever to the physical world and the state of our planet Earth.  Bridging these two worlds, the REAVERSE project is applying creativity to environmental protection in order to rewild 28 hectares of land in the heart of Mesnuls, in the Yvelines department west of Paris.

The initiative centers on 1,828 Cryptobee NFTs that are being sold to the public. All proceeds will be donated to the rewilding project. Each of the 1,828 cryptobees is linked to one of 1,828 parcels in the Millière Valley nature reserve. Cryptobee owners will thus become sponsors of this haven of biodiversity, helping preserve it. The collection spans four different levels of rarity with unique graphics (8 super rare, 20 rare, 500 quite rare and 1,300 normal).

The Millière Valley will provide a unique area for research, observation and experimentation for specialists working on ways to reduce human impact on ecosystems. The domain will also help build awareness and educational outreach around issues linked to ecology and its relation with agriculture. Joining REAVERSE means joining an exceptional sustainability initiative and being part of a deeply committed community.

What’s more, cryptobee holders will own a true work of art and enjoy special benefits such as advance previews of future NFT collections and exclusive access to the nature reserve. To carry out this project, Guerlain is working with Tezos, a French platform specialized in blockchain technology that uses an authentication mechanism that consumes less energy than most existing networks.

Support for REAVERSE joins Guerlain’s many commitments to protecting nature. This ambitious and purposeful project strengthens Guerlain’s strong ties with the physical world while taking advantage of exciting opportunities created by digital innovations. Acquiring a cryptobee NFT is a chance to reconnect with nature via the digital world thanks to art that engages with myriad forms of online creativity while respecting intellectual property and copyrights.