Guerlain opens pop-up store dedicated exclusively to fragrances at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

Perfumes & Cosmetics


Guerlain, the oldest French perfume house, is celebrating its 190th anniversary this year. From May 7 to June 17 the Maison is setting up shop in Le Bon Marché, the prestigious Left Bank department store. The pop-up store lets visitors discover the world’s largest selection of fragrances and choose their very own scent thanks to a unique array of digital and personalization services.

Designing a fragrance is an art, as immediately becomes evident when visitors enter the new pop-up store opened by Guerlain, the Maison that founded modern perfumery. The space is conceived as a tribute to the métier of parfumeur, showcasing the savoir-faire that has earned Guerlain renown since 1828. Visitors are immersed in an exceptional experience that celebrates history and innovation, fragrance creations, and the emotion triggered by exquisite scents.

The pop-up space in Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche presents an olfactory library unique in the world, offering 110 fragrances from the Maison synonymous with French luxury. Exceptional creations are categorized according to the perfumer’s 14 favorite natural ingredients, known collectively as the “Guerlinade”. Equally exceptional is the fragrance cellar, which stores precious Guerlain perfumes like grands cru wines with optimal lighting and temperature conditions.

The experience also includes a digital “perfume organ” with a powerful search algorithm that lets visitors determine their personal olfactory profile and find the perfect fragrance to match in just a few clicks. Once they choose their fragrance they can give free rein to their imagination, personalizing the least detail, including the shape and color of the bottle, type of ribbon and bow to decorate the neck of the flacon, or even an engraved name or message in any language. Rarely have the art of creation and personalization been elevated to this level of bespoke excellence!