Guerlain recounts the enchanting Legend of Shalimar

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Guerlain has released an enchanting short film that tells the tale of the legend behind  Shalimar, the iconic fragrance created in 1921 by Jacques Guerlain. This sensory journey to the East recounts the love story that inspired a perfume that has become eternal…

The world’s first oriental fragrance, Shalimar is a subtle mix of freshness and sensuality, earning it a prime place in our olfactory heritage. With notes of vanilla, citrus, bergamot, tonka bean and iris, the juice transports you into the luxuriant gardens of Shalimar. This mythic lush setting was the backdrop for one of the most beautiful love stories of all time, between Shah Jahan—the fifth Muhgal emperor—and his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Now Guerlain has brought this exceptional love story to the screen. Directed by Bruno Aveillan, the film recounts the distant origins of the art of perfume-making, from Jaipur to the Taj Mahal. Natalia Vodianova, the face of Shalimar since 2008, embodies Mumtaz Mahal with her naturally magnetic presence.

“The Legend of Shalimar” masterfully captures a unique and timeless passion. The film was released on August 28, premiering in a prime time slot on French TV channel TF1 before being shown on other channels as well as in movie theaters. There are two versions, one 3 minutes, the other 5:45 minutes long.