Hennessy Very Special launches the new chapter in its Never Stop Never Settle campaign: “A new further”

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Hennessy has launched the fourth chapter in its “Never Stop Never Settle” campaign in the United States. Centered on the theme of pushing personal limits, the campaign celebrates the remarkable true story of the pioneering Piccard family.

Unveiled in 2012, the “Never Stop Never Settle” campaign brings to life the theme of pushing the limits of potential and the spirit of pioneering innovation specific to the brand, through the stories of extraordinary individuals. Following previous installments featuring Martin Scorsese, Erykah Badu and hip hop artist and Hennessy ambassador Nas, the campaign tells the remarkable story of the Piccard family.

This intergenerational adventure began with Auguste Piccard, who in 1931 became the first man to touch the edge of space, reaching the stratosphere in a pressurized capsule and balloon. Three decades later his son Jacques also set a record, going in the other direction to the furthest depths of the ocean and becoming the first man to reach the ocean floor in a bathyscaphe.  The story of transmission and relentless will to achieve is powerfully recounted in a stunning film narrated by Nas.

This family saga continues today with Bertrand Piccard, Auguste’s grandson and one of the pilots of Solar Impulse, the first plane to fly around the world powered only by solar energy. He carries on the legacy, pushing the limits of potential just as his father and grandfather did.