Hubert Le Gall reinterprets Ruinart Blanc de Blancs

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Ruinart, a House intimately linked to the art world, has called on Hubert Le Gall to reinterpret the creative cues of its Blanc de Blancs. Inspired by the radiant light on Ruinart’s vineyards and his discovery of the iconic Chardonnay grape, the French artist and set designer has paid tribute to the seasons and man’s work in step with the cycle of the vine.

In what has now become a tradition, every year Ruinary commissions a renowned artist to create his or her vision of the House. After Piet Hein Eck in 2013 and Georgia Russell in 2014, it is Hubert Le Gall’s turn to unveil his take on the House founded in Champagne back in 1729.

Hubert Le Gall, an artist who infuses his work with scintillating colour, was marked by his discovery of Chardonnay wandering amid the vines of Sillery on Ruinart land. The grape expresses a broad palette of colours that shifts with the seasons through a rich array of greens and on to gold. The deep transparency and luminosity of the Chardonnay grape are encapsulated in the House’s emblematic cuvee, Blanc de Blancs.

Through a series of 12 sculptures, each one representing a month of the year, Hubert Le Gall pays homage to the passage of time, moving in step with the seasons and the work of men on the vineyard. On that long and meticulous effort, consisting in fashioning nature to make it more beautiful and abundant, hinges the production of the outstanding Blanc de Blancs champagne.

Working with glass was a natural move for Hubert Gall in his quest to create a colourful, joyful, luminous and vital work. It was in Burano, working with the Berengo Studio, that he found the material he was looking for – a glass whose beauty rests on imperfections, roughness and bubbles of air.

Hubert Le Gall has also created a new limited edition of the Ruinart Blanc de Blancs giftbox. Golden upstrokes and downstrokes playing on the whiteness of the case symbolise a timeline that is interrupted when the box is opened. Revealed by the play of light on the transparency of the bottle, the golden reflections of the champagne express the radiance of Chardonnay, the only grape used for Blanc de Blancs.