Incognito: Marc Jacobs creates a classic

Fashion & Leather Goods


The Incognito bag, the latest creation by designer Marc Jacobs, is a veritable concentrate of savoir-faire.

Crafted in the Marc Jacobs atelier in Milan, the Incognito bag features clean classic lines that reinterpret the chic practicality of a vintage doctor’s bag. The bag comprises no fewer than 124 different pieces of leather that are assembled by hand, and is available in a wide range of custom colors, from absinthe to prune.

The Incognito bag is a fresh take on chic and distinctive class, paying homage to the discrete elegance of Marc Jacobs muses like Faye Dunaway and Jessica Lange. To celebrate the new bag, the House released a behind the scenes video revealing some of the secrets behind its savoir-faire. A classic in the making…