It’s everyone’s business



What do the words diversity, inclusion and gender equality evoke for you? How is a Group as diverse and multicultural as LVMH positioned regarding these issues in 2022? And what is our roadmap for the years ahead?  “Diverse by essence, inclusive by choice” is a powerful credo. Yet simply repeating it is not enough to make sure everyone hears it. Today the Group is going further with a full week dedicated – Voices of Inclusion Week – to this essential issue for each of us, for our community and for our performance. The week is being launched by a short film that spotlights the voices of our diversity through a series of stories, putting people at the heart in order to engage with everyone. This film is a tribute to the amazing diversity of our people around the globe, celebrating how diversity and all of our employees contribute to our performance. Because when it comes to diversity and inclusion, “it’s everyone’s business!”