Jean-Guillaume Prats presents Estates & Wines

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Estates & Wines, which brings together the 13 estates, on four continents, of the New World wine collection of MoëtHennessy, follows distinctive seasonal rhythms within the LVMH Wines & Spirits division. From April 4-10, we look at some of the secrets of these exceptional vineyards, from the mountains of Argentina to the coast of New Zealand. Estates & Wines President and CEO Jean-Guillaume Prats introduces the collection.

Jean-Guillaume Prats, President and CEO of Estates & Wines, represents wine estates situated at the four corners of the globe, each with its own distinctive features and markets. In a video interview he talks about the rationale and consistency behind the Estates & Wines collection, as well as the challenges of managing this exceptional portfolio.

The estates and wineries in the Estates & Wines collection span both hemispheres and four continents, each with their own seasonal rhythms. LVMH takes you around the world in 24 hours to discover day-to-day activities at five of its vineyards: Cheval des Andes, Numanthia, Chandon India, Shangri-La and Cape Mentelle.

This year is also a time for celebrations at some of the estates. Cloudy Bay, which revealed the winemaking potential of New Zealand to the world, fetes its 30th anniversary in 2015. A perfect opportunity to revisit the estate’s history and renowned pioneering spirit.

Another chapter in the story takes us to California’s Napa Valley, home to Newton Vineyard, which this year released The Puzzle 2012. An assemblage of the region’s finest grapes, this new expression of the iconic cuvée once again features cabernet sauvignon, marking a return to the estate’s origins.

The subtly balanced assemblages that characterize the wines of Estates & Wines houses reflect the talent of their winemakers. They make the strategic decisions for production and are the public face of their estates’ wines, presenting them around the world.