Kenzo Parfums presents Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet, reinventing its iconic Flower By Kenzo fragrance

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Twenty years after the creation of Flower By Kenzo, the Maison has reinvented its iconic fragrance with a new eau de parfum, Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet. The new fragrance continues the floral sensations of the original scent, adding complexity for an intense and voluptuous bouquet.

Kenzo Parfums ceaselessly innovates to nurture its vibrant heritage. Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet, a fresh iteration of the iconic Flower By Kenzo fragrance, perfectly embodies this aspiration. The new fragrance is the work of two exceptional talents, fusing the expertise of Spanish Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas and the creativity of young perfumer Dora Baghriche.

Flower By Kenzo’s emblematic Bulgarian Rose remains at the heart of the new composition, elevated and transformed by new ingredients. Nashi Pear, a tribute to the Maison’s Japanese roots, introduces a freshness to the fragrance, joined by Mandarin, Jasmine, Gardenia and Almond wood. The result is a subtle intensity bursting with floral notes.

With Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet, Alberto Morillas and Dora Baghriche have rewritten the notions of freedom and modernity. “This new association gives the fragrance a fresh, modern edge while keeping the sensual, offbeat feel of the original Eau de Parfum,” says Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas. “Poppy Bouquet is a fragrance that unites, that unifies city and countryside, freedom and delicacy,” Dora Baghricheune adds.

Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet Eau de Parfum is equally modern in the way it is made. Actively engaged in sustainable agriculture, Kenzo Parfums selects raw ingredients from Firmenich’s NATURALS TOGETHER program, which centers on protecting biodiversity.

The Bulgarian Rose is sourced from responsible producers who work daily to support sustainable agriculture, including methods to save water and production of organic fertilizers. These initiatives are aligned with Kenzo Parfums’ commitment to innovation and reinvention that remain consistent with its DNA, beautifully expressed in Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet.