Krug continues initiatives to preserve and promote heritage, renovating a historic lodge in the heart of Champagne

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Long committed to preserving the Champagne region’s unique heritage and terroirs, Krug has renovated a lodge once used to house workers during the grape harvest in the town of Trépail, near Reims. These modest dwellings – originally built for people who worked in the vineyards – were subsequently used to store tools or to shelter and serve meals for seasonal workers during the vendanges. Easily recognizable, they continue to dot the Champagne landscape and are an integral part of the region’s winemaking history.

This renovated lodge in Trépail brings us a chance to offer a unique experience right in the heart of the vineyards, where everything begins. This is where the creation of our assemblages starts. This is where our wines are born, where we cultivate their distinctive qualities, complexities and diverse characteristics. The Lodge is thus the perfect place for wine tasting in a richly meaningful setting,” says Krug Cellar Master Julie Cavil.

To preserve this exceptional heritage, Krug decided to give a second life to the building by creating an exclusive tasting venue right in the heart of the vineyards. This offers a unique perspective of the individual plots and highlights the amazing diversity of Krug’s terroirs.

We have a responsibility to preserve our heritage, both material and immaterial. Passing on know-how and heritage is a cornerstone of Krug’s history and we celebrate our terroirs through this winemaking heritage. In giving a new life to this lodge we are at the same time celebrating the culture of winemaking. This unique place shines a light on our individual plot approach, and above all on the collective skills of our winemakers.” Manuel Reman – President and CEO of Krug

The renovation project, which earned the prestigious HQE high environmental quality label, was entrusted to architect Stéphanie Ledoux, who had previously overseen the rehabilitation of the Krug family home, ensuring consistency between different emblematic Krug sites in Champagne.