Laughter is the best cosmetics

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Born with a solid sense of humor, Jean and Jane Ford opened their first beauty boutique in San Francisco in the 70s, founding Benefit. Success may have propelled the brand to a new dimension today, but nothing has changed its smiling spirit, as each new product launch illustrates Benefit’s unwavering belief that “laughter is the best cosmetic!”

Laughter is communication in its most direct form, something innate to human beings that can’t be taught. Among the many very good reasons to give in to the giggles is that laughing helps alleviate stress, strengthen the immune system and improves blood flow around the face, resulting in a fresh and radiant look. Benefit unabashedly lays claim to all these feel-good factors, encapsulating and amplifying them in cosmetics where effective formulas go hand in hand with creatively whimsical packaging.

Since its founding in 1976, Benefit has relentlessly rewritten the codes of feminine beauty, never taking itself too seriously and brashly affirming that makeup doesn’t need to be austere to work wonders. This singular philosophy of well-being informs the company at every level, from the first conversations about a new solution in the marketing department, to packaging design and advertising, plus of course the daily work environment of Benefit staff.

“The POREfessional”, “they’re real! mascara”, “hello flawless”, “gimme brow”, “benetint” and “dr. Feelgood” are among the products that have become best-sellers, introducing innovation while having lots of fun with irreverent names.  Their colorful, whimsical packaging help put Benefit in a class of its own and really stand out in today’s crowded cosmetics world. This distinctive impression is confirmed by a visit to the company’s California headquarters, AKA Beauty Central. Laughter is the pillar of the company culture and permeates daily life at Benefit, coming in myriad shades of pink, from the floral wallpaper to the comically named office spaces: the mail room—Nice Package, the break room—the Glossip Lounge and the HR conference room—the Slow Zone.Every morning the daily pink Beauty Bingo game number is called out, guaranteeing good-humored teambuilding.

By celebrating laughter as the ultimate cosmetic choice for women, Benefit has reinvented the art of looking fabulous while having lots of fun. It’s even evident in Benefit’s manifesto—aptly named the Benefesto.

Today, the brand’s DNA is championed by Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson, Jean’s daughters, two very apt – and smiling – Global Beauty Authorities!