Le Bon Marché creates superb in-store beauty shop

Selective retailing


In 2015, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche continued to reinvent the customer experience by redesigning the different sections of the store. After the shoes department the department store has designed a stunning new beauty section within the fashion department on the first floor.

Warm and sleekly stylish, the 300-square-meter beauty section is designed like a contemporary loft with a feminine aesthetic. Walls are covered with red brick and wide mirrors, creating a welcoming atmosphere where shoppers can stroll leisurely as they discover 57 new labels alongside the myriad brands already on the shelves of the first floor beauty department. Over half of the new beauty items on offer are available exclusively at Le Bon Marché.

© Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

This full-fledged “beauty shop” proposes a sensory tour of the world featuring rare and authentic products from destinations such as New Zealand, South Korea and Sweden. Many of them are eco-responsible and organic, including a curated selection of 100% natural products. There is definitely something to sate every beauty appetite!