Les Journées Particulières: a look back at the two previous editions



The third edition of Les Journées Particulières is set for May 20-22. Launched in 2011, the event has become incredibly popular with the public, offering a unique chance to go behind the scenes at LVMH and its Houses.  The first two editions put the spotlight on the diversity of métiers and savoir-faire at LVMH Houses.

On October 15 and 16, 2011, LVMH for the very first time opened the doors of its Houses to the public in France and elsewhere in Europe, inviting people to discover the secrets of 25 exceptional places. The guiding theme of the first edition was transmission of time-honored skills from one generation to the next. Visitors were welcomed to workshops, wine cellars, family homes and historic stores, where they discovered the talents of artisans who both carry on tradition while serving audacious creativity. The Journées Particulières 2011 campaign introduced the public to little-known technical terms like lozinage, riddling, rough block shaping, enameling, catch stitch or  comunelle, evoking the culture of perfectly executed gestures that defines luxury craftsmanship and the Houses of the LVMH group.

Eighteen months after the highly successful first edition, which drew over 100,000 visitors, the artisans and staff of the LVMH group once again proudly invited the public behind the scenes to discover emblematic French and European craftsmanship. LVMH organized the second edition of Les Journées Particulières on June 15-16, 2013, this time proposing visits to 40 prestigious sites. The second edition invited visitors to see “Where dreams are made” thanks to guided tours, craftsmanship demonstrations, conferences and interactive visits. For the space of a weekend, several thousand artisans – watchmakers, couturières, perfume flacon sealers, shoemakers, cellar masters, jewelers, trunk makers, riddlers, head seamstresses, chefs and others – shared their passion and taste for excellence with 120,000 visitors.

Inspired by the success of the first two editions, Les Journées Particulières continues to grow, innovate and amaze, confirming the public’s enthusiasm for this exceptional artisanal heritage. This year visitors can discover new places opened during the event without reservations, including the Louis Vuitton Fabrique du Temps watch manufacture in Switzerland, Loro Piana in Italy, Guerlain’s La Ruche production site and the Fondation Louis Vuitton in France. Stay connected to discover everything about Les Journées Particulières 2016!