Les Journées Particulières go mobile



For the second edition of the Journées Particulières, the event takes place live at our Houses, as well as on mobile devices, thanks to a special app for iPhone and Android.

To extend the experience created by this exceptional weekend, a great mobile app creates a concentrate of the event, available from anywhere. Developed for iPhone and Android, the application can be downloaded from Wednesday, June 12 on the Journées Particulières website, as well as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The application offers practical, fun features, including links with social networks. The entire program is available at users’ fingertips, including real-time geolocation on a map showing the nearest Houses proposing visits. The app contains complete practical information for the convenience of Journées Particulières visitors.

What’s more, the app enhances the memorably immersive experience of visiting our Houses with a series of mini-games to test knowledge of their unique savoir-faire and history. Last but not least, the “Share” feature makes it easy to post personal comments and photos on users’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts directly from the app.