Les Journées Particulières returns this fall! Discover the launch campaign!



To mark the launch of this fifth edition of Les Journées Particulières, Antoine Arnault, LVMH Image & Environment, who originated this initiative, joined participants in a short film that invites everyone backstage to discover the magic of LVMH’s Maisons next October 14-16.

Shot in Dior’s haute couture draping workshop, the launch video for Les Journées Particulières stars the Maison’s renowned seamstresses and tailors. It was directed by Antoine de Bary, director of L’Enfance d’un Chef (Birth of a Leader, winner of the Canal+ short film award at the 55th Semaine de la Critique during the 2016 Cannes Film Festival), Mes Jours de Gloire (My Days of Glory, 2020, starring Vincent Lacoste, Emmanuelle Devos and Christopher Lambert) and the 2021 TV series 6 x confin.é.e.s.

“Les Journées Particulières is always a very special event for me. Over the years it has become one of the most visible and high-impact showcases for LVMH, drawing huge numbers of enthusiastic visitors. These open days are a chance to show our generosity by welcoming the public free of charge to exclusive places within our Maisons. Taking part in this film was a way for me to personally pay tribute to the savoir-faire of our artisans and underline the truly meaningful resonance of this event. I want to extend my warm thanks to the seamstresses and tailors, and especially Béatrice, who agreed to play themselves on camera,” said Antoine Arnault.

Reality is always better than fiction!” added Antoine de Bary. “I was very fortunate to find myself surrounded by apprentice actors who shared a sense of humor and terrific spontaneity. Antoine Arnault’s natural and uncomplicated approach created a wonderful atmosphere where everyone really felt at ease throughout the day of shooting.”

A total of 93 places and at 57 Maisons in 15 countries will open their doors to the public with no admission fee next October 14, 15 and 16. This invitation gives people a chance to enjoy an exceptional experience as they meet those who are crafting the future of luxury by perpetuating and building on an exceptional heritage anchored in savoir-faire, time-honored métiers, and unique, iconic places across the world.

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