Loewe and sustainable sourcing

Fashion & Leather Goods


10 photos, 10 initiatives to protect the environment by LVMH spanning more than 20 years. Loewe continues to forge even closer links with its partners to ensure sustainable supplies of its exceptional lambskin.

Spain has long been renowned for the quality of its lambskin. Lambs bred in the Cordero Entrefino region high in the Spanish Pyrenees produce incomparably soft and supple leather. To preserve this exceptional savoir-faire and at the same time minimize the environmental impact of producing these skins, Loewe works closely with its supply chain.

The Spanish house helps tanners enhance their environmental management, sharing best practices and carrying out audits and inspections. This approach revolves around respect for their irreplaceable know-how, the fruit of a proud tradition that fits seamlessly with continuous innovation in tanning processes. The noble, desirable and exquisitely unique lambskin materials that come out of these tanneries thus have a reduced environmental impact.

This series of photos shot by photographers from the VU agency celebrates 20 years of steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility by the LVMH Group. A new initiative will be featured every two weeks. The next article is on Bulgari’s certification by the  Responsible Jewellery Council.