Loro Piana’s “CashDenim”, fusion of Denim and Cashmere

Fashion & Leather Goods


Lora Piana introduced CashDenim – a fabric made from combining denim and cashmere – as part of its Fall-Winter 2022-2023 collection.  The fruit of a rare exchange of knowledge between artisans in Piedmont, Italy and Japanese denim experts, the fabric represents a creative coalition between two like-minded cultures focused on a quest for perfection.

Renowned for using some of the rarest and most precious raw materials on the planet, the Italian house blends ancestral tradition with cutting-edge technology to offer a discerning clientele creations of unrivalled quality. This promise is once again realized in this season’s CashDenim jeans and jacket, designed with the sole purpose of elevating everyday pieces to the superb level of Loro Piana luxury.

© Loro Piana

As the name suggests, CashDenim is technically a combination of 60% denim and 40% cashmere. To achieve this delicate mix of yarns, CashDenim must be woven very slowly by experts using vintage looms that are rarely found in modern-day textile factories. The custodians of this exceptional know-how are found in the Bingo region of Japan, emblematic of the country’s culture of authentic artisanal craft.

With this exquisite groundbreaking fabric, Loro Piana pursues its quest for excellence, merging Japanese ancestral tradition to push the limits of Italian innovation.