Louis Vuitton Cruise 2024 Show docks on Lake Maggiore

Fashion & Leather Goods


For the Cruise 2024 fashion show, Louis Vuitton presented its women’s collection in a majestic setting on the Italian island of Isola Bella. After Palm Springs (2015), San Diego (2022), Rio de Janeiro (2016) and Kyoto (2017), the Maison continued to explore new horizons at a wondrous and dreamlike location. The collection channels the singular beauty of this lush, baroque setting.

Faithful to Nicolas Ghesquière’s singular universe, the wardrobe celebrated an eclectic, futurist and often fantastical style. The looks delved into aquatic folklore with silhouettes like fairytale figures. Neoprene was tailored into winged wetsuits or patterned like seaweed. Sequined ornaments became scales, water droplet embellishments joined embroidered shells and collars morphed into fins. A baroque feel was omnipresent. Some of the models wore headdresses crafted by a Rome atelier specialized in film and opera accessories.

The pastel color palette and plays of materials – silk jacquard, cashmere, jersey and organza – provided a narrative for the transformation embodied in multiple stylistic ideas. Urban allure cohabits with a formal eveningwear vibe.

The characters in aquatic-themed looks continually transformed for a collection that flows between familiar and exceptional, ordinary and extraordinary.