Louis Vuitton launches Horizon Soft, a new line of innovative luggage created with designer Marc Newson

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Louis Vuitton’s Horizon Soft is a new line of rolling luggage that pushes the boundaries of both design and elegance. The Maison’s latest collaboration with Marc Newson, the luggage is incredibly lightweight while maximizing interior volume.

“Design, by definition, is disruption and innovation. If it’s not new, then what’s the point?” says Marc Newson. Following the first line of hard case rolling luggage launched in 2016, Louis Vuitton has unveiled a new collection of innovative soft luggage conceived by the Australian designer.

© Louis Vuitton

Marc Newson, a designer-inventor who loves nothing better than to create something that has never been done before, appropriating materials and techniques from their original purpose, has designed Horizon Soft, a disruptive line of rolling luggage in which every single component is completely new. Every detail is a concentrate of innovation designed to make the new luggage incredibly practical from every perspective – lightness, packing space, easy handling and sturdiness.

© Louis Vuitton

New technologies have been used to create the outer shell made of thermo-formed 3D knit with a double-sided jacquard. The knit is made up of technical yarn with elastic, thermo-fusible threads that are all seamlessly thermo-formed into a single piece. Following lengthy testing during the development process the weight of the luggage has been reduced to a minimum – just 2.9 kg for the carry-on model – while the interior volume has been maximized.

© Louis Vuitton

As with the hard-sided Horizon, the extendable aluminum handle has been moved to the outside to increase the sturdiness of the suitcase while freeing up room inside. The easy-to-use aluminum zip-pull lock system has a three-digit combination and is TSA-approved. And the two miniature wheels have been engineered to make almost no noise to ensure silence for travelers.

The new Horizon Soft luggage is available in three models: Rolling Duffle 55 Knit 2 wheels, Soft Trolley 55 Knit 4 wheels and the Rolling Duffle (in two sizes).